Whether It Is Finding Out More About G12, Being Mentored In The G12 Vision Or Meeting Pastors and Finding Churches Who Are Involved, Here Are A Few Ways To Get Connected.

Attend A Conference

Every year delegations from churches from across the world travel to Bogotá, Colombia for the annual international conference.  Conferences are also held in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and other parts of Latin America. The conferences always challenge delegates to expect great things from God and to attempt great things for Him. They are a time of faith, family and focus as churches gather together to meet with God and meet with each other. The conferences offer a great opportunity to connect with pastors and churches working with the G12 vision.

View upcoming conferences

Get In Contact With Your Regional Or National Coordinator

These are pastors of churches working with the G12 vision that are responsible for organizing conferences and events in their continent or nation. They also mentor pastors who want to be developed in their work with the G12 vision and act as a point of contact for people wanting to find out more about the G12 vision.

Contact your coordinator via your regional office

Contact Your Regional G12 Office

The regional offices have been established to support the work of churches within a specific region. They are also a point of contact in the language and culture of all inquirers whether from individual leaders, churches or the media. Currently there are 5 regional offices: Africa, Asia, Europe (also covers the Middle East), Latin America and North America.

Contact your regional office

Read The Books

There are many great books available about the G12 vision. The books cover a range of topics including the heart of the vision and the plan and process of G12, as well as titles covering subjects such as: encountering God; the blood of Jesus; establishing your faith; leadership; women in the ministry; youth; marriage; the Bible; repentance; and faith. Reading the books will help you understand the heart and spirit of the G12 vision.

View available books

Explore This Website

G12.com has various features that will help you keep connected to all that is happening around the world in the G12 community. You will be able to find out about the details of upcoming conferences, see what languages are currently available for the various G12 books, view past conferences on the media player and read and subscribe to the blog posts of different leaders that are involved with the G12 vision. Check it out.

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