Vision Statement

1. Committed to Developing Christian Character – Go World Christian Fellowship is committed to developing Christian character in all its’ disciples, and worldwide partners through the present power of the Word of God as contained in the sixty six books of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, through the power of Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice, death, burial, and resurrection, and through the present, active, and living power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Committed to the Disciplines of Grace – Through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, praise, worship, prayer, fasting, consecration, and the Holy Sacraments, the disciples, and worldwide partners of Go World Christian Fellowship are committed to the leading of the Holy Spirit to both change, and equip them, for great works of Christian service.

3. Committed to Love – To Love God, To Love One Another, and To Love All People of the World, through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the core value of Go World Christian Fellowship; to see the Nations become the inheritance of the Lord.

4. Committed to Evangelism – Go World Christian Fellowship is committed to the evangelism and discipleship model of G -12; to continually disciple all men and create disciples throughout the world; to see as many people as possible come to a true and saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Committed to Discipleship- Every ministry outreach will have as its core values to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to provide nurture and admonition in the fear of the Lord, to provide instruction on how to obtain and develop personal intimacy with God, and to create the environment where God himself provides his habitation with his presence and glory.

6. Committed to Care and Serve – Go World Christian Fellowship is committed to caring for the needs of the total person by developing means of employment and financial blessing for those it serves.  Go World Christian Fellowship is committed to serving all vulnerable people, for those who cannot care for themselves; the homeless, orphan, widow, and incarcerated men and women through.

7. Committed to Responsibility and Effectiveness – Go World Christian Fellowship is recognized in the USA as a not for profit organization with the IRS 501c3 tax designation.  All donations of goods, services, or funds are considered charitable donations under the IRS guidelines.  Go World Christian Fellowship is committed to using all donations, responsibly and effectively, to honor God and to produce the maximum fruitfulness and life changing results as possible.

8. Committed to Communication – Through the means of the latest media technology, Go World Christian Fellowship will provide a forum for Christian nurture, discipleship, and community service through the means of the internet, radio, and television, to deploy each person into their God given destiny of supernatural gifts, with the main purpose of reaching the lost world for Jesus Christ.

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