Go World Christian Fellowship encourages partnerships with dental missionaries to visit and serve with us to care for the dental needs of the poor.  Through dental education and clinics, the children and parents are instructed in the ways to care for their teeth and maintain good oral health.

Statistics have shown that 9 out of 10 Filipino children have tooth decay, making this the most neglected disease in the country today.  This is may be due to the neglect of the baby teeth of the children, the low dental awareness of the parents and the poor compliance of parents in following good habits for their children’s oral health.

Through education, this problem can be alleviated.  The bright smiles of the Filipinos never need to be marred by tooth decay that can be avoided.  During the dental outreaches, the love of Jesus is both practically shown and shared. While the patients await their oral examinations, the Gospel is presented to all participants.

Please consider helping through 1) your prayers 2) your donations to support the dental missions 3) volunteering to serve on the dental team.

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