Associated Ministries – Barry Raeburn Evangelistic Association

The Barry Raeburn Evangelistic Association (BREA) is a not-for-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to fulfill the great commission, which Jesus Christ gave to his disciples in Matthew 28:19. The mandate involves (a) “Going”: Taking the good news of the gospel to those who have not yet heard; and (b) “Making disciples:” Ensuring that those converted by the gospel message are taught the essentials of the born-again, Christian life. Jesus Christ made disciples by teaching kingdom principles and modeling the Christian lifestyle.

BREA has commenced its mission in India and Central America. The long-term goal of BREA is to hold miracle healing, evangelistic campaigns in every nation. In the first five years, a program of campaigns will be held in India, Africa and South-East Asia. These countries are deemed to be more responsive to the gospel message and the costs associated with holding an event there are significantly lower than many other nations.

BREA aims to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as it’s foremost goal. A common criticism of campaign evangelism is it’s irresponsibility with respect to follow-up and discipleship of new converts. A hallmark of BREA will be it’s ability to minister in ways which result in “remaining fruit.” In order to achieve this BREA will provide converts with adequate follow-up materials, effectively connect them with local churches, provide local pastors and Christian leaders with the necessary training and discipleship materials so that they can bring new converts to a place of maturity in Christ. – Gospel for Tribal Social Service Society

GTSSS was founded by Jacob Marineni, a native Indian brother. At the age of seven, Jesus raised him from the point of death and saved him. Currently, Brother Jacob lives and ministers in India in fulltime mission work. GTSSS is dedicated to sharing the hope of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and His love through practical ways to a hurting and dying humanity. GTSSS is “holding Gospel in one hand and bread in the other hand.” GTSSS is engaged in many ministerial activities to include planting churches, operating Bible colleges, educating and housing orphans and handicapped children, providing a home for the aged and the poorest, providing medical care for lepers, conducting free medical clinics, drilling water wells, offering vocational training and performing other humanitarian services as the Lord opens doors.

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