The girls’ mentoring program is taken from the National Girls Ministries –

About Us

We’re here to help you help girls thrive in their relationships so that they can make a difference in their world.

What is Girls Ministries?

Girls Ministries is about intentional outreach and Christian discipleship for girls. We provide resources to help churches and individuals teach girls biblical truths that will help them learn to make God-pleasing decisions.


To see every girl moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to empower girls to realize their importance and potential in the kingdom of God.

We seek a future where girls and leaders — through mentoring and discipleship — form lasting, life-changing friendships.


Holy Spirit guidance
A servant ministry
Cultural relevance
Teamwork and cooperation
Christ-like character


  • To help the local church to reach every girl in its community by providing ministry options – award-based programs adaptible to each church’s needs, non award-based curriculum, special evangelistic resources.
  • To provide training materials that will prepare leaders for the clubroom environment as well as changes in society.
  • To connect leaders through electronic media – website and moderated broadcast e-mail services.
  • To provide resources to involve parents in their daughters’ spiritual journeys.
  • Future developments – printed and web parenting and social concerns resources.

The girl’s ministry will also be a cell for evangelism withing the G-12 evangelism model.  Every girl is encouraged to join a discipleship team to be trained to disciple others.

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