Go World Christian Fellowship is committed to winning souls for Jesus Christ. This means a call and mission to evangelize as many people as possible. Our vision extends to all of the Philippines, Asia, and all parts of the earth, through associations and support of like minded ministries. Go World is committed to the great commission to go into all the world and to share the love of Jesus, and how he made a way to be reconciled to God, to receive absolute and lasting forgiveness of sins, and abundant life now, and eternal life forever.

The following excerpt is taken from the website www.g12.me :
“G12 means The Government of Twelve.  It is a strategy for evangelism and multiplication.  This strategy is based on a believer’s love for Jesus and therefore a compassion for the souls.  It was birth out of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20.
The Vision is also about forming disciples after Jesus character.  Jesus’ greatest desire is to see lives completely change through His Blood.  He knows that the only way that lives are transformed is through the Power of the Cross.

Prayer is one essential principle within the G12 Vision.  Nothing happens without prayer.  In order to be successful in this Vision, every individual believer must pray.  Each person must labor in prayer for every soul that will be won.

It is important to know that G12 is not a denomination.  For this reason it has never expressed the desire of anyone to leave their denomination. Instead, G12 supports denominations, other ministries and outreaches.”

Please help through 1) your prayers 2) your donations to this ministry 3) volunteering to serve as a G-12 discipleship team leader.

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