Go World Student Ministry is an outreach to elementary schools.  The history of the Go World Student Ministry is simply wonderful.  Pastor Teresa was asked to visit a friend who was a teacher at a public elementary school located in Iligan City, Mindanao.  During her visit, the school Principal invited Pastor Teresa to share the Gospel with her and all the teachers. At that meeting, many teachers believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and made a public declaration of their belief.

The new ministry was born.  The Principal saw wisdom in having Pastor Teresa present the same message of hope and love that Jesus Christ brings to the third, fourth and fifth and sixth grades.  At those presentations, approximately 200 students raised their hands and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by inviting Jesus into their hearts and lives.

Weekly bible classes were then established for both the teachers and the students.  Through this ministry, the teachers and students encounter God more fully through bible teaching, singing, and prayer. It is the fervent vision of Go World Christian Fellowship that this ministry expands into every public and private school in Iligan City and become an expanding ministry to encourage all students in the Philippines.

As a part of the Go World Student Ministry, school supplies are collected and distributed as needed to the students for their school needs.  Many students fail to go to school because they can not afford to pay for their supplies. Go World Student Ministry will help many children overcome the financial obstacles to receiving their valuable education.

Please consider helping through: 1) your prayers 2) your donation to support the Good News Student Ministry 3) volunteering to work with the children.

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