Businessmen and Businesswomen are key resources for God’s Kingdom and play a most important role in ministry. Businesses are the essential basis for a prosperous society.  Businesses provide the employment opportunities for citizens.

The devil is consistently buffeting businesses for if there is great unemployment, society weakens and fails.  Businesses need to be encouraged, supported and equipped for the work that they perform to ensure the safe and secure income for family needs.

Go World Christian Fellowship hosts an exciting business fellowship for local businessmen and businesswomen in the Iligan City area. The fellowship provides discipleship in the word of God, guest speakers, spiritual covering and prayer for their businesses and work situations, sharing of business concerns and ideas to expand and improve businesses, and networking opportunities for business expansion.

Please consider helping through 1) your prayers 2) your donation to support the business fellowship 3) your fellowship with the local businessmen or businesswomen.

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