The married life is full of challenges which hone each partner in his or her sanctification and identity and unify the marriage.  Through many events and seminars, the married couples are instructed in how to live a happy Christian marriage.  The necessities of learning how to love, resolve conflict, and to serve one another in humility is imparted to each couple.  Each couple is pared up with two other couples to form a marriage discipleship group to discuss the weekly topics associated with biblical marriage.

With the aid of the Holy Spirit, the marriages are strengthened and secured through conflict resolution, child rearing training, and marriage building seminars and outreaches.

Twice a year, there is a retreat for the married couples to reignite their relationship with God and each other.

The Married’s Ministry will also be a cell for evangelism within the G-12 evangelism model.   Each married couple is encouraged to join a discipleship team to be trained to disciple others.

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