Every woman is faced with many daily choices and pressures.  Knowing how to remain faithful to God and husband and family and to grow in godliness is the heartbeat of the women’s ministry.  Particular to each woman is her need for love and attention, and fulfillment in her family and work, to find her god given identity in Christ.

The women’s ministry is devoted to building Godly character and servant values in modesty and humility in each woman it serves.  Through meetings, bible study, seminars, and outreach, the women are formed into women of destiny, to serve in their community, and if married, in their families.

Twice a year, there is a retreat for the women of the fellowship to reflect upon their spiritual progress in the Lord and to be refreshed and encouraged together.

The Women’s Ministry is a cell for evangelism within the G-12 evangelism model.   Each woman is encouraged to join a discipleship team to be trained to disciple others.

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