A Prayer for Salvation
My Gracious Heavenly Father,

You said in the bible that you created Adam and Eve after your own image in righteousness and holiness to rule with you over your creation for ever and ever. And you gave them a free will. Our father Adam and mother Eve chose to disobey you even after you told them that the consequences for their rebellion would bring the judgment of spiritual separation from you, hardship in this world, their deaths and the death of mankind. Because of their willful rebellion, you judged them, and put a curse on the world, a curse on them, and a curse on all future generations of mankind. The consequences of their rebellion separated all mankind from you, and brought death to all men. The very nature of man was corrupted through this rebellion.

Lord I admit that I am also a sinner, a child of Adam, and under this curse and corruption. I have rebelled against you. I am always doing things I should not do, and not doing things I should do. I break your law and I am separated from you. You are love, and you are pure and holy, and I want your love. I want to be pure and holy so that your image is restored in me and I can have a personal and intimate relationship with you. I want to be forgiven of all my sins.

Father, you said in the bible that all of my sins can be forgiven by Jesus, your only Son. You sent Jesus to the earth from heaven to sacrifice his life for me and for every person. He came to earth to pay the penalty of the curse that came upon me because of Adam’s rebellion, so that I can go free. Jesus made a substitution for the curse that is on me, so that the control of the curse is broken and I can stop willfully doing these sins and be in harmony with you. I humbly ask that the sins of my life please be forgiven. I accept the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and I determine to stop sinning. I repent of my sins. I rely on you, my God, to help me live a holy life that is set apart unto you.

I declare now that all of my sins are forgiven. Every sin I ever committed is forgiven by Jesus. I am forgiven and set completely free. Father, I thank you that Jesus made a way for my forgiveness and restoration to you. I thank you that you sent him. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I believe in my heart that he is raised from the dead, and Jesus has set me free. I agree with you my God, that Jesus was raised from the dead, and because Jesus is alive, I have a new life through Him. I have abundant life both here, and eternal life in the world to come.

Father, Jesus said that when I repent of my sins, when I turn to Jesus for forgiveness, that you and Jesus send the Holy Spirit to live with me and make your home in my heart. You said that the Holy Spirit would stay with me and guide me and show me more and more about you. You said that the Holy Spirit will guide me into all truth and lead me in the life that you want me to live. Show me Father, and lead me Spirit, in how you want to communicate with me through the Bible, through prayer and fasting, through teaching and preaching, through prophecy, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Lead me to the best place for me to serve you in a good Church or gathering of believers.

You said Father, that you would empower me to do great things for you, and that you would give spiritual gifts to me to use to bless others. Father, I ask for the Holy Spirit to baptize me now, and fill me each day to overflowing. Lord, you said that the Promise, the Holy Spirit, is here for me. You want to fill me with the Holy Spirit, with peace, and joy, so that it flows from my life to those around me.

Father please empower me for service now. Empower me to read the bible and know you and experience you through my prayers and thanksgiving, praise and worship to you. Come Holy Spirit and show me more and more about the gifts of the Spirit that you have given to me. Take full control of my life and lead me into the way that I should serve you. God you want me to know you in intimacy. I ask for an intimate and personal relationship with you Father, with you Jesus, and with you Holy Spirit. Come now, Holy God, Holy Trinity, and make a home in my heart once and for all and never leave. I receive you now and declare that I will live totally for you. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer, please contact us so we can follow up with you and continue to encourage you.

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