Needs in the Philippines

Spiritual Needs for the Philippines 

“Increased spiritual unity.  The Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) establishes warm fellowship and cooperates in developing common goals for ministry among 68 denominations, 150 independent congregations and 170 mission agencies and parachurch groups.  Philippines for Jesus (PFJ) is a network of Pentecostal and charismatic groups. The National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) covers more mainline groups.  Many local and regional Ministerial Fellowships are established as well.  Pray that this unity continues and strengthens, and that it extends across broader confessional lines.

Challenge for Prayer

1) The Roman Catholic Church sees much change in the Philippines and within itself as society changes and the religious scene diversifies.  Some of the major issues:

a) Coping with the loss of its position of privilege and with the decreasing proportion of population affiliated with Catholicism.  Some seek to preserve the status of Catholicism in politics and society; others work to oppose threatening movements (such as nominalism, Protestant and Independent groups).  Pray for new life to course through the Church and its leadership, institutions and parishes.  Over 2,000 Filipino Catholic missionaries serve in other lands.

b) Large numbers of Catholics are more influenced by animism and witchcraft than by Christianity. In some parts of the islands, Catholicism is a thin veneer over long-held indigenous superstitions. They need exposure to the biblical gospel.

c) The charismatic networks have large numbers and spiritual fervor.  Recent surveys indicate that anywhere from 15 to 30% of Catholics identify themselves as charismatic. El Shaddai claims eight million members. Couples for Christ (and now Singles for Christ), Ligaya Ng Panginoon, FAMILIA Community and Bukas Loob Sa Diyos add up to millions more. Within these movements are many committed evangelicals, but also some extra-biblical superstitions and beliefs.  Pray for God’s grace upon these dynamic and influential communities.”

2) The Muslim community in the Philippines numbers approximately 4.6 million.  The Muslims claim to be discriminated against in some regions of the Philippines and have militant groups fighting for a separate Muslim State.  Pray for grace upon the Muslims that they not be discriminated upon, and that they encounter the love of God through Jesus Christ and that this blesses millions of Muslims for God’s glory.  Pray that the militant groups cease their rebellion and bloodshed and that all men can live together in peace.

3) Pray for the salvation of millions of Filipinos of all backrounds.

4) Pray for freedom and safety of the Christian Church, and Christian evangelism in the Philippines as the great harvest of souls progresses.

5) Pray that God will divinely intervene in every challenge and direct many people to donate or volunteer to help improve the daily life in the Philippines and support Churches, outreaches, and missions that are being fruitful in the Great Commission.

Major Social Needs for the Philippines

Challenge for Prayer

1) Pray for vocational training and job placement for millions of Filipinos.  Pray for business to flourish providing increased employment in the Philippines.

2) Pray for increased social services to all peoples in the Philippines including clean water, energy, sanitation, food, clothing, shelter and education.

3) Pray for health and safety of all the peoples in the Philippines, for protection and recovery from natural disasters of flooding, earthquake, tsunami, fires and famine.

4)  Pray for the government of the Philippines, that corruption would cease in all areas of government and that the wealth of the nation will be used to better the whole society.

Please pray for God’s intervention in each of the following areas:

1.  Agriculture – mechanization and expansion of farms is needed to increase food supply and lower the cost of food.  Only four out of ten people in the Philippines receive adequate nutrition.

2.  Drugs- there is widespread use of drugs and inhalants amongst the youth ages 12-24.

3.  Education – affordability for children, reading, vocational training for domestic and international employment

4.  Employment – severe lack of domestic jobs and manufacturing.

5.  Entrepreneurship – empowering small business owners through short term loans.

6.  Government Corruption – the Filipinos have suffered under decades of gross corruption by government officials.

7.  Health – there is a deficiency of health services, hospitals, clinics, and affordable medicines and health insurance.

8.  Housing – there is a great need for mass housing.

9.  Human trafficking - many young boys and girls are subject to human trafficking.

10, Jails and prisons- overcrowded facilities and long detention times prior to hearing of cases.

11. Medical - Additional clinics and hospitals are needed along with affordable services and medicines.

12. Poverty - the per capita income level must be raised.  It is approximately $5000 USD per year.

13. Prostitution- prostitution is rampant due to the poverty.

14, Street children- street children are estimated over 1.5 million ages 3-16.

15. Terrorism and Rebel conflicts – all rebel groups need to make peace.

16. The Family Unit - Broken homes and spousal abuse is high and is causing major socio-economic problems.

17. Transportation – Road System Infrastructure needs major improvement for increased commerce and jobs.

18. Utilities - Water, heating and cooking fuel, electricity, and proper sanitation is not available to many areas and must be provided.  Most heavily populated cities experience scheduled brown outs due to a lack of power plants.

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