Go World Christian Fellowship is partnering with Churches and donors worldwide who understand the needs of the people of the Philippines.  Through their generous donations, clothing, kitchen utensils, tools, and building materials are collected abroad and sent to the Philippines to be either sold or distributed free.

This ministry impacts the community by using any profits to assist children and families in crises.  It provides life necessities to anyone who has requested assistance, including churches, correctional institutions, individuals and referrals.

Please consider donating your lightweight clothing, shoes, sandals, and hats.  Consider sending your extra hand tools, and kitchen pots and pans and utensils, and toiletries.  These items will be distributed to those in need.

Please consider helping through 1) your prayers 2) your donation of monies or items 3) volunteering to serve in the thrift store ministry by collecting donations and sending to the Philippines, or serving in our local thrift store.

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